Using Scratch to explore turtle geometry

More Octagon Patterns

Figure 3 shows a pattern that was drawn with the script in Listing 3 by changing three block values. One of the changes was pattern #. Your challenge is to find the other two values and to observe your trial and error carefully. You never know what your mistakes might inspire. You can create new variables and slider controls to make entering new values easier.

Flower Challenge

Figure 4 shows the progression of a flower starting with a single petal and finishing with a multipetal flower with a stem. The octagon project includes all the basic concepts you need to solve this problem, one petal at a time. Here are a couple of hints to get you started. In my solution, I drew a flower with two layers of four petals, and I started by drawing the individual petal using quarter circles. You can download my solution online [1].

Figure 4: Flower progression.

Happy Scratchin'.

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