Accessing Raspberry Pi services via the Internet

On the Road

Weaved offers just one app for mobile access, which is only for Apple iOS [11]. The Android counterpart in still in the alpha test, available only as an APK [12]. Both apps, however, can deal with push notification.

Push notifications refer to messages and status information that are forwarded by devices. These notifications are similar to a text message, with no requirement that contact first be initiated. This feature plays a role primarily when the Raspberry Pi or other devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) executes your service during monitoring and controlling operations, which could occur in the context of home automation, for example.

The newest feature offered by Weaved is to make Docker containers accessible from the outside [13]. Moreover, a smart plug is available that makes it possible to run OpenWrt [14].


In tests, Weaved ran without any problems and did just what the company claimed. The version that is available free of charge, which is focused on IoT devices, should suffice for most private users.

Note that other platforms have similar offerings. For example, Pagekite [15] is suitable for Android devices. Ngrok [16] and Tinc [17] make local servers and services available on Linux (including on ARM computers), FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows via the Internet.

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