Raspberry Pi Geek 02

2013 / 2

The Raspberry Pi camera module opens a whole new world of useful projects; we show you how to set up the Pi camera for time-lapse photography and motion detection. Also in this issue are articles about Android tools that control the Rasp Pi, distros preconfigured with game emulators, and the open hardware platforms BeagleBone and Arduino, along with our regular columns on Scratch and Python programming.


Raspberry Pi Geek 01

2013 / 1

If an application you need runs too slow on your Pi, it is time to start tuning. The inaugural issue of Raspberry Pi Geek looks at techniques for improving Raspberry Pi system performance. Other articles focus on cool hardware projects and innovative applications for the Raspberry Pi environment. Regular columns cover game building in Scratch, Raspberry Pi education tools, and gardening with Arduino.