Build a simple shooter game

Tall Walls

As seen in Figure 6, the wall sprite listens for the hit broadcast message and performs some evaluations each time it receives the message. If the health variable is equal to 1, it switches to the medium wall costume. And, when health equals 3, it switches to the tall wall costume.

Figure 6: Waiting for a hit.

That's it. The game is complete and ready to play or remix. For the player, getting the correct bullet trajectory to hit the moving target, especially as the wall size increases, presents a nice challenge. At least, that's the verdict from my six-year-old tester.

Remixing the Game

Many items in this game can be customized. For example, the wall could take on bigger sizes and different shapes; it could also change locations. Naturally, you could make this game more like "Angry Birds" and build obstacles that need to be knocked down before hitting the target. Happy Scratchin'.

Scratch Programming: Simple Shooter Game

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