Raspberry Pi, HDMIpi, and UNICEF

The HDMIpi project is bringing to market an affordable HDMI screen especially designed for the Raspberry Pi (although it works with any HDMI source). HDMIpi, which is a collaboration between Alex Eames (from RasPi.TV) and Cyntech, really is a game changer.

The HDMIpi project recently announced that they have partnered with UNICEF to deliver the HDMIpi screens to a new education program that UNICEF is running in Lebanon to help educate displaced Syrian children. The program makes use of Raspberry Pi workstations based on some initial HDMIpi prototypes, which will be running Khan Academy Lite and other educational software packages.

The low cost of the Raspberry Pi makes it perfect for education projects in developing countries, and I recommend reading about the project in more detail at the Raspberry Pi website [9] and the UNICEF site [10].

Flight Controller – NAVIO

The team at NAVIO has developed an Autopilot flight controller breakout board for the Raspberry Pi intended for use in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) projects. The board includes a large number of sensors, and the NAVIO developers say they are also creating open source drivers and software to support the impressive hardware. It looks like a very useful project and is an interesting and well-designed product. The Indiegogo campaign is complete, but you should be able to obtain a board from the developer's website [11].

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