Connecting a weather station to your Arduino


In this article, I have shown how to implement an inexpensive system for measuring wind speed, rainfall, and wind direction using the SparkFun weather station meter system and the Arduino board. For me, it was a great experience learning how to build a PC board, having it fabricated, and then building the software around the board. What a great prototyping experience! I have joined the 21st Century.

Starting in late October 2014, you will be able to see the graphs and data from WeatherArduino installed in Project Curaçao in the Caribbean [23]. Thank you MiloCreek for hosting that site.

Aside from me, you will NOT be able to use the control panel because the Project Curaçao web server is based on a Raspberry Pi Model A, and any significant traffic will kill the poor little guy. I've got some ideas on how to replicate the data to a cloud server on Amazon, so this might change in the future!

The use of the WeatherArduino board to measure vibration, use the real-time clock, and add some additional nonvolatile storage to the Arduino will be covered in an upcoming SwitchDoc Labs column here in Raspberry Pi Geek magazine.


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