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The Player Class

The player class (lines 150-175) represents each player in the game. This includes money, bet amounts, cards, and flags for whether or not they are currently the dealer, have placed a bet, or have folded.

The init function initializes all of the player's variables:

  • – The player's nickname.
  • – The player's cash. Change this value to start the game with more or less cash.
  • self.hand – The player's private cards stored as tuples in a list.
  • self.betAmount – The amount the player has bet this hand.
  • self.placedBet – True, if the player has had the opportunity to bet (even if they didn't); false otherwise.
  • self.fold – True, if the player has folded; false otherwise.
  • – True, if the player is currently the dealer; false otherwise.

Each of the class methods is a utility function to adjust a player's stats:

  • The credit function increases the player's cash by the given amount.
  • The debit function decreases the player's cash by the given amount.
  • The bet function increases the player's bet by the given amount.
  • The addCard function adds the provided card to the player's hand.
  • The reset function clears hand and betAmount and sets fold to False. The player is now ready for the next hand.

With these functions in place, I can turn my attention to game play.

The Table Class

The table class (lines 177-386) represents the poker game itself. It tracks whose turn it is and who the dealer is, and it determines the hand winner. Much like the other init functions, the table's __init__ sets up the variables for the game itself:

  • self.players is a dictionary of players. The key is the player's nickname.
  • self.tableCards is a list of cards currently visible on the table.
  • self.state is the current state of the card game. "WAITING" signifies that no hand is currently in progress.
  • self.shoe is an instance of the deck() class. After initializing the shoe, it is shuffled.
  • self.pot represents the money currently on the table.

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