Raspberry Pi Geek 20

2016 / 20

In this issue, learn how to put your Rasp Pi data on a web page, navigate the high seas with free navigation software, and play a challenging game of chess.


Raspberry Pi Geek 19

2016 / 19

In this issue, we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of a number of small-board computers; plus, a parade of Raspberry Pi projects.


Raspberry Pi Geek 18

2016 / 18

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek! In this issue we explore some powerful home automation tools and try out some alternative multicore single-board systems.


Raspberry Pi Geek 17

2016 / 17

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek! In this issue we celebrate the Raspberry Pi’s fourth birthday. We also explore some new features of the newest Pi and present some projects that take advantage of these faster, more capable machines, such as 3D modeling and distributed compiling.


Raspberry Pi Geek 16

2016 / 16

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek. In this issue, you’ll learn to replace a simple LED with more powerful and flexible BlinkStick devices. We’ll also show you how to use the Arduino 101’s onboard gyroscope, create a do-it-yourself Raspberry Pi case using a 3D printing service, and log data during a bike ride.


Raspberry Pi Geek 15

2016 / 15

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek. The long winter nights are upon us in the northern hemisphere, so you won’t find a better time than now to start a project with your favorite nanocomputer – and maybe even your favorite people. We’ve been privileged to print the father-daughter-daughter projects in the Kid Stop section by Pete, Brooke, and Leah Metcalfe (check out their missile launcher in this issue), and we’d like to see other parent – child/ teen team projects. If you are a young person who’s created a cool project with a small-board computer – either alone or teamed with an adult – let us know at the email address below.