Detecting oxygen with an Analog to Digital Converter.


For this experiment, you'll need a program to run on the Raspberry Pi that will gather and graph the data. Fortunately SwitchDoc Labs has built software that does this very thing. The Raspberry Pi DataLogger program periodically samples all four channels and then builds graphs that can be displayed in a browser.

In order to run the program, you need to install the Raspberry Pi DataLogger. This is done in four stages. First, you will install the DataLogger from a Github archive. Secondly, you will run the program. Next you need to install the rest of the DataLogger software, and finally run the DataLogger to generate graphs for all four of the ADS1115 channels for your test project.

To install the DataLogger software, run the following commands:

git clone

This installs the DataLogger software which includes the program. You will come back and install the rest of the DataLogger support software later.

ADS1115 setup

Visit the SDL_Pi_DataLogger/ directory:

$ cd SDL_Pi_DataLogger

And type the following command:

sudo python

If you have hooked up all the hardware correctly, you should see something very similar to

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