Nextcloud Box powered by Ubuntu Core

Nextcloud GmbH is working with Canonical and WDLabs to develop the Nextcloud Box, an all in one device that packs the Nextcloud server in a box.

The Nextcloud Box will be powered by a Raspberry Pi and uses Western Digital Lab's 1TB USB PiDrive for storage and system files. Nextcloud Box will be the first consumer device to use Canonical's Ubuntu Core Snap.

In a blog post Canonical stated, "Snaps and Ubuntu Core are key enablers of the 'out-of-the-box' solution, sustainable auto-update and security functionality. Ubuntu Core's ease-of-use and flexibility supported a rapid time to market in just a few months from concept to a fully working product."

According to founder Frank Karlitschek, "Nextcloud is a project providing a privacy and security focused alternative to cloud services like those from Apple, Google and Dropbox. It has developed a solution for self-hosting that delivers the many benefits like file syncing and sharing, document editing, audio-video calls and much more, under an open source license."

Currently you have to use a Micro SD card to install the operating system on a Pi. Western Digital Labs are attempting to find a solution to this with PiDrive, an interesting feature, designed to overcome this limitation. The company is currently offering spe cially designed drives with over 1TB of space. WDLabs have also developed a software stack which allows users to run multiple Operating Systems from the drive, so there'll be no need to change the Micro SD card to switch the OS.

Nextcloud will showcase the device at Mobile World Congress this year.

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