Build a NAS system with OpenMediaVault and a Raspberry Pi


The Debian-based OpenMediaVault and the RPi3 provide a neat NAS solution for small networks, which you can implement at a low cost. OpenMediaVault is excellently pre-configured and copes without any power-draining bells and whistles causing confusion for users. The clear and convenient user interface facilitates easy learning without wading through the technical literature.

However, don't expect high data rates from the Rasp Pi OpenMediaVault. If you really want speed, consider using an alternative single-board system such as the ODROID-XU4 [4], which features Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, and eMMC flash storage. OpenMediaVault also offers ISO images for easy installation on the ODROID-XU4, as well as other ODROID models.

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