Build a WiFi-enabled remote temperature sensor with Arduino Yún

Wrap Up

You should now have a pretty good idea how this Yún-powered remote temperature sensor works. I hope you'll take the concepts presented here and come up with your own projects. Let me know what you develop and how it turns out.


  1. Arduino Yún home page:
  2. Xubuntu:
  3. Xfce:
  4. Arduino IDE version 1.5.5 download:
  5. Processing language homepage:
  6. Code for this article:
  7. Dallas DS18B20 digital temperature sensor (from Sparkfun):

The Author

Rob Reilly is an engineer, consultant, writer, and speaker. He works with private-sector companies on Linux/open source, DIY/Maker Movement, business, and tech media projects. Contact him at

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