SIMPL is as SIMPL does


Notice how, with a trivial example, I've been able to create a SIMPL application with a mixture of programming languages (C, Python) and run the same sender module against a local receiver and against a remote receiver in the cloud, without changing a line of Python code to do so. In fact, nothing whatsoever in the Python code is associated with any TCP/IP networking. The SIMPL toolkit and its associated surrogates looked after all this for me.

This is the kind of power the SIMPL toolkit can bring to your Raspberry Pi projects.


  1. The SIMPL tclSurrogate protocol:
  2. QNX:
  3. SIMPL open source project:
  4. Lesser GPL:
  5. The Python source headers are contained in the python-dev package
  6. Python-SIMPL for Raspberry Pi:

The Author

Bob Findlay is the facilitator for the SIMPL open source project. If you like the SIMPL toolkit, feel free to communicate with us on the SIMPL project mailing list [3].

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