Text processing and filtering


This has been a high-speed introduction to some of the text-processing and -filtering capabilities in Linux, but of course it really just scratches the surface. Lots of sites on the Internet have more examples and ideas for you to study, including shelldorado.com, commandlinefu.com, and the weekly blog I co-author with several friends at blog.commandlinekungfu.com.

The online manual pages can help a lot – and don't forget man -k for keyword searches if you've forgotten a command name or just aren't sure where to start! But, really, the best teachers are practice, practice, and practice. I've been using Unix and Linux systems for more than 20 years, and I'm still learning things about the shell command line.

The Author

Hal Pomeranz is the Founder and Technical Lead of Deer Run Associates, an IT and Information Security consulting firm. He is also a Faculty Fellow of the SANS Institute and the course developer and primary instructor for their Linux/Unix Security certification track (GCUX). And, yes, he could replace you with a very small shell script.

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