An active USB hub for the Rasp Pi Zero


The hub from Makerspot is completely convincing. It is also acceptable in terms of price, which runs between EUR10 to EUR22 (~$12 to $25) depending on the accessories. Even so, the optimal package does not exist. The bundle with the cover has a power supply and cable. The latter even has a CE label, and it delivers 2.4A, but not everybody wants these ingredients.

Otherwise, the appeal is found in the small details. The cover identifies the GPIO bar (Figure 4). The USB electrical cable that comes in the bundle has an integrated switch. This makes it possible to cut power to the Rasp Pi Zero without having to fiddle around with the cable. The attention to detail gives rise to the hope that the hub itself will work reliably when in continuous operation.

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Bernhard Bablok works at Allianz Technology SE as an SAP-HR developer. He enjoys listening to music, biking, hiking, and also all things having to do with Linux, programming, and mini PCs. He can be contacted at

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