Complete Raspberry Pi Geek Archive

Complete Raspberry Pi Geek Archive

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This month we bring you something special: an encyclopedic DVD with over 1,800 pages of practical Raspberry Pi Geek knowledge.

Catch up with past articles, including awesome projects, in-depth programming tutorials, and product reviews – all in a convenient searchable format.

On the disk, you'll find more than 300 articles on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, from games you can play, to servers you can run, through detailed instructions on how to build your own hardware projects with components you scavenge from around the house.

For instance, learn how to write your own Arduino drivers for multiplexer chips (issue 15); or how to add and configure a touch screen on the Pi (issue 16). Discover how to use a Pi to manage and record all your TV shows (issue 21), and learn how to breathe new life into old toys (issue 9).

Keep the Ultimate Raspberry Pi Geek Archive close to your workbench as a permanent reference of the world of Raspberry Pi.

Your DVD includes…

  • More than 1,800 pages of RPi goodness
  • Searchable database
  • Complete code repository
  • Articles in PDF and HTML format
  • No DRM – read anywhere


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