Build your own infrared camera


If using the Raspberry Pi camera makes you realize that you enjoy IR photography, then you might want to try refitting an existing camera [13]. Provided the refitting is performed by certain service providers, some camera manufacturers even continue to observe their guarantees after the refit. Normally, a camera you've built yourself cannot compete in terms of image quality, functionality, and cost, with consumer cameras, even simple compact cameras. However, the comparison looks very different for IR cameras, because a camera refit alone can run between $400 and $600.

The Raspberry Pi IR camera offers an economical introduction to this niche specialty in photography. Additionally, building the camera can be a lot of fun. Where else could you find a camera that gives you complete control over firmware?

The Author

Bernhard Bablok works in Managed & Operations Services SE at Allianz as an SAP HR developer. He enjoys music, cycling, and hiking and also working with Linux, programming, and mini-computers.

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