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  • Welcome to the online home of Raspberry Pi Geek, a print and digital magazine dedicated to the amazing $35 Raspberry Pi computer. Each issue of Raspberry Pi Geek offers special projects and expert advice on configuring, programming, and hardware hacking for the Raspberry Pi, with additional coverage of other open platforms, such as BeagleBone and Arduino.

Inside Our Latest Issue

Testing the new Raspberry Pi touchscreen display

The new Rasp Pi display provides a compact option for viewing screen output – and it comes at a Pi-like low price of only $60.

Building a Motion Detector using Scratch GPIO server

As of the Raspbian Jessie release, Scratch provides easy access to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. This project incorporates the new GPIO server to build a motion detector.

Current Issue

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek. We have another issue of projects and information about small-board computers and their software, as well as microprocessors, sensors, and programming. First, discover the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new display, a 7-inch touchscreen that can carry the Rasp Pi on its back. Also new is the version of Scratch that comes with the recent Raspbian Jessie distribution. Our author shows how it integrates GPIO pin control through the new GPIO server.