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Inside Our Latest Issue

A solar-powered ESP8266 WiFi module joins the IoT

We take an inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi/processor combination and turn it into a solar-powered device.

Display T. Box is a Raspberry Pi with an integrated display

Display T. Box combines a Raspberry Pi 2 with an integrated touchscreen. The result is a complete mini-PC that can be used as soon as you supply power.

Using the Raspberry Pi for a multimedia center on your boat

Due to its diminutive size and minimal power needs, the Raspberry Pi works well as a multimedia center on boats or in RVs.

Touchscreen audio controller for presentation sound

At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Noble Planetarium, one Raspberry Pi has replaced four CD players for various music and sound effects.

Featured Articles

Build a walking piano with the RaspberrySTEM Creator Kit

The RaspberrySTEM Kit combines a Raspberry Pi 2 with a custom case and a development environment for teaching electronics and programming. We take one of these kits for a spin to see how easy it is to get started.

Using logic bits to make decisions

One group of littleBits modules allows you to evaluate conditional situations at different points in a circuit without resorting to programming.

Current Issue

Raspberry Pi Zero: Seriously, a computer for $5?

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek. The long winter nights are upon us in the northern hemisphere, so you won’t find a better time than now to start a project with your favorite nanocomputer – and maybe even your favorite people. We’ve been privileged to print the father-daughter-daughter projects in the Kid Stop section by Pete, Brooke, and Leah Metcalfe (check out their missile launcher in this issue), and we’d like to see other parent – child/ teen team projects. If you are a young person who’s created a cool project with a small-board computer – either alone or teamed with an adult – let us know at the email address below.