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  • Welcome to the online home of Raspberry Pi Geek, a print and digital magazine dedicated to the amazing $35 Raspberry Pi computer. Each issue of Raspberry Pi Geek offers special projects and expert advice on configuring, programming, and hardware hacking for the Raspberry Pi, with additional coverage of other open platforms, such as BeagleBone and Arduino.

Inside Our Latest Issue

Write your own drivers for Arduino

So, you have some new kit for your Arduino – maybe some sensors or ICs – but programming them is clumsy and painful. Don't despair: You can make your life easier by writing your own drivers!

RasPlex client for the Plex Media Server

The Plex Media Server on your home computer plus RasPlex clients on Raspberry Pis lets you stream music, movies, and TV shows to multiple televisions.

Keeping track of sound levels with the Rasp Pi

Noise can be nerve wracking and lead to all kinds of problems with neighbors and area residents. A simple gadget can help you establish whether the noise coming from your premises amounts to a nuisance.

Building the SunRover navigation system

The Switch Doc continues his effort to build a solar-powered robot. This month the emphasis is on the navigation system.

Featured Articles

Build a walking piano with the RaspberrySTEM Creator Kit

The RaspberrySTEM Kit combines a Raspberry Pi 2 with a custom case and a development environment for teaching electronics and programming. We take one of these kits for a spin to see how easy it is to get started.

Using logic bits to make decisions

One group of littleBits modules allows you to evaluate conditional situations at different points in a circuit without resorting to programming.

Current Issue

Raspberry Pi Zero: Seriously, a computer for $5?

Welcome to Raspberry Pi Geek. The long winter nights are upon us in the northern hemisphere, so you won’t find a better time than now to start a project with your favorite nanocomputer – and maybe even your favorite people. We’ve been privileged to print the father-daughter-daughter projects in the Kid Stop section by Pete, Brooke, and Leah Metcalfe (check out their missile launcher in this issue), and we’d like to see other parent – child/ teen team projects. If you are a young person who’s created a cool project with a small-board computer – either alone or teamed with an adult – let us know at the email address below.