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Inside Our Latest Issue

Teaching Makers

During the 2015 – 2016 school year, I organized and managed my child’s school computer club. I trained as a teacher, so I was not intimidated by the kids. On the contrary, I found the experience fun and stimulating, especially considering there was no stress of exams or grades.

Using your Pi as a VPN Gateway with an Access Point

Have you ever been told by a website that certain content isn't available in your country? Configuring your Pi to route all your network traffic through a VPN can help.

Q4OS with the Trinity Desktop

With its new Trinity desktop, Q4OS 1.8.2 will appeal both to users of older PCs, Linux newbies and fans of KDE 3.

Pi video recorder with MiniDVBLinux

The Raspberry Pi is commonly used as a media center with programs like OpenELEC and Kodi. The Pi can also be used as an excellent video recorder.

Featured Articles

Using the RPi Cam Web Interface

You can access and control the Raspberry Pi camera module from your favorite browser using the RPi Cam Web Interface software.

Write your own drivers for Arduino

So, you have some new kit for your Arduino – maybe some sensors or ICs – but programming them is clumsy and painful. Don't despair: You can make your life easier by writing your own drivers!

Current Issue

The "Tools you Need" Issue: NextCloud, VPN Access Points, dstat, YaST, and much, much more...

In this issue, use RFID cards and a card reader to secure your projects, play games with a custom-made controller, set up servers with the YaST configuration tool, turn you Pi into a smart video recorder, and control your army of robots with a PSP.