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  • Welcome to the online home of Raspberry Pi Geek, a print and digital magazine dedicated to the amazing $35 Raspberry Pi computer. Each issue of Raspberry Pi Geek offers special projects and expert advice on configuring, programming, and hardware hacking for the Raspberry Pi, with additional coverage of other open platforms, such as BeagleBone and Arduino.

Inside Our Latest Issue

Intel NUC: An alternative to the Raspberry Pi?

Nanocomputers don't just come with ARM processors; they also come with classic x86 CPUs, and the best known of these are the boards from the Intel NUC series. We look at how these computers compare with the Raspberry Pi.

Build cool stuff with littleBits, a Pi, and some Lego Bricks

Connect the littleBits Arduino module to a Raspberry Pi and you open a world of projects and a world of fun.

Current Issue

Set Up a Minecraft Server on Your Pi

In this issue, we share some multidevice projects that show how you can expand your enterprises beyond a single board or language.