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Inside Our Latest Issue

Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 compared

The Raspberry Pi 2 looks just like its predecessor, the Rasp Pi 1 B+, and has lots of similarities. However, the freshly hatched second generation is much faster.

Use your smartphone to control an airboat

We combine an Arduino, K'Nex construction pieces, plastic bottles, assorted electronics, and some duct tape to create an airboat that you can control with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Current Issue

BPi-R1: A Banana Pi-based server-router

Welcome to this issue of Raspberry Pi Geek, where we connect small-board computers (SBCs) to the world outside with sensors, Android GUIs, servers, and even a Scratch chat program. Check out this issue of Raspberry Pi Geek to see what's new and find cool projects, tips, and tricks.