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Inside Our Latest Issue

Building Rasp Pi into Mindstorms projects with BrickPi

BrickPi lets you build a Raspberry Pi into your Lego Mindstorms projects – you can even connect your Pi to Mindstorms sensors and motors.

Controlling your Pi with an infrared remote

A few tricks and some ready-made Linux tools will help you configure your Pi to respond to commands from the same kind of infrared remote control device you use with your TV.

Current Issue


We bring you some more practical experiments this month. You'll learn about BrickPi, a product that lets you use your Raspberry Pi as a built-in control center for Lego Mindstorms robots. We'll also show you how to configure your Pi so you can control it using a standard infrared TV remote. We'll employ the Pi on the network as a DHCP/DNS server, and we'll even show you hot to control a legacy Nikon film camera with a Raspberry Pi.