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  • Welcome to the online home of Raspberry Pi Geek, a print and digital magazine dedicated to the amazing $35 Raspberry Pi computer. Each issue of Raspberry Pi Geek offers special projects and expert advice on configuring, programming, and hardware hacking for the Raspberry Pi, with additional coverage of other open platforms, such as BeagleBone and Arduino.

Inside Our Latest Issue

Building a 5-volt power supply for a Raspberry Pi

Free your Raspberry Pi from the wall outlet with a mobile power supply.

Meet the maker of the MeArm robot arm

MeArm is a rising star in the Raspberry Pi community. We talk with Phenoptix owner Ben Gray about what inspired him to build this fiendishly clever (and open source) pocket-sized robot arm.

Current Issue

Discover The New B+ Board

Inside the pages of this issue of Raspberry Pi Geek, we've got lots of the amazing apps and cool projects you've come to expect from Raspberry Pi Geek. We'll explore the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ including an interview with Eben Upton about the recent changes and what they mean for the Raspberry Pi. We'll also look at running a greenhouse with your Arduino, using the Hover board to detects hand movements, swipes, and taps, we check out the ExpEYES (Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists) kit, a powerful science lab for the Raspberry Pi, and much more!