Taking the Raspberry Pi over hill and dale

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The Raspberry Pi is the heart of many different projects, be they navigation devices or flight scanners. When equipped with a suitable keyboard and simple monitor, the little computer can also be put to use for tasks in the great outdoors.

The Raspberry Pi requires three components for operation as a standalone and independent computer. These include a keyboard, a mouse, and a display screen.

With respect to power, the Raspberry Pi does just fine with 5V of supply voltage. Thanks to the regulatory bodies that have approved universal standards for USB power supplies, there are ample accessories available for powering mobile phones and other small devices. This means that Raspberry Pi fans have a large selection from which to choose. Power packs that supply mobile phones via an external battery are also suitable for the Raspberry Pi. In order to guarantee an adequate reserve, you should choose a pack that can handle at least 2A of current.

Remote desktop programs can provide I/O devices for the Raspberry Pi if there is an Internet connection available. The current Raspbian image comes with VNC Connect, which includes VNC Server for controlling a computer's desktop from a computer or mobile device running VNC Viewer. If needed, you can find 10-finger mobile keyboards that fold up to a fraction of their full size for easier typing from a mobile device.


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