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Calling Kano a hardware kit under-sells the product. In one sense, the Kano Kit is a collection of colorful hardware at a decent price, but in reality, you are getting much more than that. It almost feels as if the true value of Kano lies within the bits that are free: the operating system and books. Having those excellent resources available for free and open source is a huge asset to the community at large.

The Kano Kit was very much designed for use by children (from absolute beginner level and up), and for that specific purpose, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Kano Kit is certainly the best kit of its kind, and it certainly makes the Raspberry Pi accessible to even the youngest of children.

Although I don't think Kano OS and the books are necessarily relevant for older children and adult beginners, if you are looking for a hardware starter kit that includes everything needed to get you up and running, you can't go wrong with Kano. It might not be the cheapest around, but it certainly is one of the best and is guaranteed to work out of the box with the Raspberry Pi.

Kano has captured the imaginations of thousands of kids and adults alike, and it is easy to see why.

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Aaron Shaw is a volunteer at The MagPi magazine (http://www.themagpi.com), a magazine dedicated to Raspberry Pi users. He also founded Pi Supply (http://www.pi-supply.com) with a Kickstarter-funded, add-on board for the Raspberry Pi (http://kck.st/UVBXTE). Aaron recently graduated with First Class Honors with an Automotive Engineering MEng degree at the University of Leeds and is now working full time on Raspberry Pi related activities. For help relating to this article, you can contact him through: mailto:sales@pi-supply.com or via Twitter (http://@shawaj2).

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