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Picademy Success

The Raspberry Pi Foundation started the Picademy as a place for teachers to receive training in how to employ the Raspberry Pi as a teaching tool. The results for the first year are in, and the Foundation is declaring the Picademy a resounding success. According to a blog post from the Foundation's Carrie Anne Philbin, 97.5% of Picademy graduates stated they are now "likely or very likely to use Raspberry Pi in their classrooms" and 98.8% said they are "likely or very likely to share their training with other teachers."

According to Philbin, "We want to train thousands of educators – no – hundreds of thousands of educators, and that's not possible with our tiny education team, even though it is made up of a cracking bunch of superstars. Picademy is always oversubscribed."

To address the overcrowding issue, Philbin announced a new program known as Picademy at Google, sponsored by Google's Leeds office. Google will offer space and funding for primary, secondary, and post-secondary teachers to attend "Raspberry Pi-flavored computing and science training."

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