Create a remote control motorized robot arm

Kazan Kirill,

One-Armed Bandit

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Use an Arduino Mega to manage a 4-motor robot arm and a 2-motor car chassis. The MIT App Inventor package was used to create an Android app that controlled-the robot.

There are a number of robot arms available. We were able to find a used OWI-535 robot arm [1], but new ones can be purchased for between $30 and $60. For this project we wanted the robot arm to be mobile so we used duct tape to mount it on top of an Arduino car chassis [2].

To build this project we used (Figure 2) :

  • 1- OWI-535 robot arm [1]
  • 1- Car chassis ($17) [2]
  • 1- 4-motor Arduino shield ($10) [3]
  • 1- 2-motor Arduino shield ($10) [4]
  • 1- JY-MCU Bluetooth module ($7) [5]
  • 1- Arduino Mega
  • Duct tape
  • Jumpers and 4 alligator clips (optional)
  • 1- Small USB charger
  • 1- Small Box


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