Detecting oxygen with an Analog to Digital Converter.

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Burning Both Ends

We hook up a simple IoT device that detects the concentration of oxygen and push the data to online dashboards so anyone can monitor it..

It has been a busy month at SwitchDoc Labs. I am on the team designing a new Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) course at the University of Idaho. Boy, the things we are going to be doing! And a number of these things are going to make their way to this column in the next months.

We promised last time to take a look at Alexa and the Raspberry Pi and we did build a prototype. However, things are still too raw and complicated for us to do a column on that project. Soon, I promise. To see our progress, check out this video using the Amazon Alexa and the Raspberry Pi [1].

But back to this issue. Today we are going to take a look at a simple project based on a Raspberry Pi, an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and an Oxygen sensor. In Raspberry Pi Geek Issue 16 [2] we talked about Grove connectors and how to use them with the Raspberry Pi. You will be using three Grove devices for this great experiment to create a sophisticated Oxygen sensor. We have previously used an ADC with the Raspberry Pi in our Air Quality Sensor column in Raspberry Pi Geek Issue 18 [3].


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