Q4OS with the Trinity Desktop

Valery Kachaev,123RF

Dial 'Q' for Quality

With its new Trinity desktop, Q4OS 1.8.2 will appeal both to users of older PCs, Linux newbies and fans of KDE 3.

The letter "Q" in Q4OS stands for quality. The first hallmark of this is that the developers have chosen to base it on Debian 8.6 "Jessie". As such, it'll benefit from the long term support provided for Debian until at least 2020. The desktop is a well outfitted iteration of KDE 3.5 in the form of version 14.0.4 of the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) [1].

A stable, maintenance release of Q4OS (version 1.6.3) was released at the beginning of October 2016. An experimental image with Q4OS 2.2 'Scorpion' was released one month prior on September 20 2016. This image is based on Debian "Testing" and offers the LXQT desktop in addition to Trinity (Figure 1). This leads us to believe that the next stable release will offer both of these desktops. The next release is scheduled to come out sometime this year after the release of Debian 9 "Stretch".

Q4OS runs extremely well on current hardware, but it is also suitable for older machines. The project states that minimum requirements are a Pentium CPU with 300 MHz clock rate, 128 MByte RAM and a hard drive with at least 3 GByte of available space.


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