Use an analog sensor as a video game controller

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Breaking Bricks

We put our Analog-to-Digital converter to work reading positions from an analog sensor (a potentiometer) and control a bat in a simple implementation of the classic Breakout game.

In the previous issue [1] we explored how to read from an analog sensor to a Raspberry Pi. Unlike an Arduino, the Pi does not have any analog input GPIOs. This means you need something between your potentiometers, temperature sensors and light detectors that will translate their analog voltage signal to a digital output the Pi can work with.

You could of course do the sensible thing – buy a Grove or Adafruit ADC module for 12, 15 dollars and work with that; or you can go old school and buy the bare bones MCP3202 analog to digital converter chip (Figure 1) for a buck.

That is exactly what we did last time around. As it turned out, programming an ADC is not that hard, but, although we got to see how it worked, we didn't follow through by integrating it into an application.


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