An active USB hub for the Rasp Pi Zero

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A Nifty Extension

The Rasp Pi Zero comes with minimal equipment. To build it out, you will need an OTG adapter plus a USB hub. Makerspot has an interesting solution for this.

Frequently, the Rasp Pi Zero gets fitted out with more and more devices so that in the end the user requires a hub. At this point, the question becomes whether it makes sense to spend some more money and switch over to a better equipped, third-generation Rasp Pi with its four USB ports. Still, the Rasp Pi Zero has a very attractive price point. Moreover, it has a form factor that is undeniably more appealing than what the larger version can offer.

Unfortunately, a setup made from a Rasp Pi Zero, USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable and adapter, and a USB hub doesn't exactly look compact (Figure 1). This is where the hub from Makerspot [1] comes into play. All you have to do is attach it underneath the computer. The hub looks like a clone of a Kickstarter project [2] that you can get from merchants like eBay. The crowdfunding platform offers a number of other similar projects.

Innovative Connection

Figure 2 shows the hub with its four ports and the power connector on the left side. The double row of two pins each, in the middle, sits on springs and transmits current and data from below to the Rasp Pi Zero. There are corresponding counterparts on the Pi Zero.


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