Control your data in the cloud with arkOS


ArkOS appeals both as a concept and for its implementation. Many users will be happy to discover a single tool that lets you manage all your network services from a single interface. You can expand your arkOS environment with the many already-existing extensions and also enrich it with your own Python-based plugins according to your individual requirements. You can even create web app configurations yourself or modify existing configurations to match your needs. The developer is open to ideas about how to expand and improve arkOS.

During our tests under arkOS, the Raspberry Pi showed no performance issues. The installations of ownCloud and WordPress ran sufficiently fast. The current state of the arkOS project is advanced enough for executing tests within your own network and allowing you to make a well-reasoned decision about the feasibility of choosing arkOS for maintaining your own data.

Der Autor

Ferdinand Thommes lives and works as a Linux developer, independent author, and city guide in Berlin.

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