Working with the Raspberry Pi camera module


I hope this comprehensive introduction will inspire you to go out and create some awesome projects using your Raspberry Pi and camera module. Whether you have ambitions to create a time-lapse camera set up, take aerial pictures of your house, or simply see what your cat is up to during the day, the capability of the Raspberry Pi camera module is truly astounding. But, if you're looking for more excitement, see the box titled "Pi NoIR" for the latest developments in Pi photography.

What project wouldn't be cooler with a camera?


If you thought that the Raspberry Pi just couldn't get any more awesome, you were wrong!

The heavily-rumored second add-on board from the Raspberry Pi Foundation was just announced at the time of writing. Pi NoIR is a night vision camera board for the Raspberry Pi.

No new software or updates are required in order to use the Pi NoIR camera, and it will use the same connector and commands used by the standard camera module. I also understand that the same filters and settings present in the existing raspistill and raspivid commands will also be available for the Pi NoIR; however, some of these commands might provide some weird results.

The Pi NoIR camera will apparently retail at £16.80 from RS Components [17], but it will also be available from Farnell and a plethora of other Raspberry Pi retailers.

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Aaron Shaw is a volunteer at The MagPi magazine (, a magazine dedicated to Raspberry Pi users. He also founded Pi Supply ( with a Kickstarter-funded add-on board for the Raspberry Pi ( Aaron is an Automotive Engineering MEng student at the University of Leeds currently spending a lot of time working on their Formula Student car. For help relating to this article, you can contact him through or via Twitter (http://@shawaj2).

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