Creating a child-friendly audio player with the Raspberry Pi


Although the project was somewhat complex, the children have a lot of fun using it while they play. Selecting titles goes very quickly, and as a result, the prototype is fully integrated into the daily life of the children.

The setup shown here is also able to receive radio streams from the Internet. All you need to do is enter the URL instead of the album title. In a trial run, I used the command

$ xmms2 add

to retrieve music from a children's radio station.


  1. LIRC:
  2. Infrared receiver IgorPlug USB:
  3. IR Remote + receiver:
  4. LIRC configuration files for supported remote controls:
  5. Sony RM-KZ-1 remote:
  6. Debian image for the Rasp Pi:
  7. Installation instructions for the Rasp Pi image:
  8. ID3v2 tags:
  9. Seki Slim remote:
  10. .lircrc file format:
  11. QRMusic GitHub repository:
  12. "gLabels 3.0" by Mario Blättermann, Linux Magazine, issue 130, September 2011

The Author

Marcus Nasarek is a loyal fan of Linux and very enthusiastic about scripting, Ruby, and projects using the Raspberry Pi.

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