Meet the maker of the MeArm robot arm

Ben's MeArm Project Ideas

Because no official MeArm build examples exist at this time, I asked its maker what kind of projects he thinks people could make with a Raspberry Pi-powered MeArm. "We were heavily focused on making the cheapest robot arm we possibly could during the build process," starts Ben, "but like any other fully-functional robot arm, the MeArm could be used to automate any number of repetitive tasks. For example, you could use the MeArm as a pen plotter, an M&M or Smarties sweet sorter (using a color sensor), or even a chess bot. It is far from an industrial-grade tool, but you can definitely make it do some fun stuff!"


  1. The Phenoptix homepage:
  2. The Plotclock on Thingiverse:
  3. The MeArm:
  4. The MeArm on Thingiverse:
  5. Adafuit 16-channel servo driver board:
  6. Raspberry Pi MeArm library (Python):

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Russell Barnes has been a computer and technology writer and editor for over 15 years. He lives in the UK with four Raspberry Pis and three Arduinos, much to the chagrin of his wife Rebecca.

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