Raspberry Pi Geek crew at New York Maker Faire.

Makers in New York

Curious makers gathered in the Big Apple for Maker Faire NY 2014.

World Maker Faire 2014 arrived on the grounds of the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York, September 20 and 21. Makers and Makers-to-be in record numbers enjoyed fine weather while roaming among Maker booths, activity tents, and wandering acts. Exhibits ranged from hand-made craftwork, to fascinating and educational demonstrations, to high-tech products, to steampunk contraptions.

Many of the booths had activities for kids and adults alike, and learning opportunities abounded, with soldering lessons at the Radio Shack tent, tool instruction at the Dremel booth, and electronics projects at the littleBits purple cloudBit house [1], which was a big hit with the kids.

As could be expected, 3D printing was a big draw, with its own section in the Maker village. Robots, drones, and small single-board computers (SBC) were a hit, too. Intel showed off its tiny, recently released Edison SBC, which is about the size of an SD card and is meant for embedded applications. SparkFun joined in by demonstrating their collection of SparkFun Block expansion boards for the Edison [2].

The Hall of Science, as well as smaller outdoor spaces, hosted presentations and talks covering a range of topics, including creativity, the Maker movement in education, technology and culture, innovation, enabling the disabled, and many other talks about the wider implications of the Maker movement.

If you're interested in being a Maker, be sure to attend a Maker Faire near you [3].

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