An oscilloscope and logic analyzer for the Raspberry Pi


The BitScope Micro cannot replace a professional, significantly more expensive oscilloscope or a laboratory logic analyzer, and it is not intended to do so. However, it should find support among users who need a second or third device that can be applied in the field and stowed in a laptop case or toolkit.

As a first choice, the BitScope Micro is a better choice for electronics enthusiasts for whom a larger device is simply too expensive. The BitScope Micro certainly possesses sufficient functionality to provide a view of data transmission by I2C or SPI or to determine whether a PWM signal has actually been generated correctly at the right point in time. This functionality would allow it to deal with problems typically encountered during small projects that involve a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.


  1. BitScope Micro:
  2. Where to buy BitScope:
  3. Pin adapter:
  4. BitScope software:
  5. Using BitScope with RPi 2:
  6. "Touch Displays" by Bernhard Bablok, Raspberry Pi Geek, issue 07, 2014, pg. 32,

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