The new Firefox synchronizer


The solution presented in this article is only suitable for a home network. Users wanting to put the sync server online will have to invest much more time and effort. For example, the standard Raspbian operating system includes so many software packages that it cannot be used as a secure server. Also, communication with the web server should occur via HTTPS instead of the insecure HTTP.

The sync server runs on the Raspberry Pi without problem except for the issue with the login server, as discussed in the previous section. Migrating a solution from one system to another also takes just a few minutes. The nano-computer has shown once again that older versions have enough performance to take on everyday tasks. Unfortunately, the Android version of Firefox still needs some work.


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  3. Connect Firefox Mobile with your own Sync Server:

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Bernhard Bablok works at Allianz Managed & Operations Services SE as an SAP HR developer. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and taking off for bike rides or hikes. He also enjoys learning about anything having to do with Linux, programming, and, more recently, small-board computers. He can be contacted at

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