Analyzing sensor readings with an XBee wireless connection


Working with XBee modules requires some practice. The reward for your investment of time and effort is the ability to administer large, distributed sensor networks with your Rasp Pi.

In this article, I illustrated just the basics of such a setup and the basics of reading remote sensor data with the help of XBee modules. You can discover many more potential applications, which are exciting to learn about and realize. The book by Robert Faludi [15] offers a good introduction to what a user can hope to create. For example, with programmable XBee modules, you can process sensor data before it is sent, and the use of powerful antennae can increase the range of the sensor network to more than 100 meters.

The Author

Marcus Nasarek has been a loyal Linux user for a long time. He is enthusiastic about scripting, Ruby, and creating projects with the Raspberry Pi.

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