Turn a Rasp Pi into a print server with TurboPrint


Installing and licensing a TurboPrint print server over the Internet caused no problems. However, when TurboPrint is not installed locally, you lose a number of advantages. A family license for the user with several computers in the household permits installation of TurboPrint on three PCs and a total of five printers.

TurboPrint on a Rasp Pi functioning as a print server displays its strengths, compared with the often rudimentary open source drivers, when higher priced printers are involved or if you have a nearby connected printer that would be a better choice for your print job. In these cases, the price you pay for an extra Rasp Pi becomes less important.


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Bernhard Bablok works at Allianz Managed & Operations Services SE as an SAP HR developer. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and taking off for bike rides or hikes. He also enjoys learning about anything having to do with Linux, programming, and more recently, mini computers. He can be contacted at mailto:mail@bablokb.de.

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