Operating the Raspberry Pi 3 in 64-bit mode

Experiences and Conclusion

The RPi3 running in 64-bit mode, feels good during the first test operation. The 64-bit Pi reacts smoothly on the command line. Aside from these subjective observations, the simple and non-optimized benchmarks we ran at the time of our initial test showed no improvements in speed. Later testing revealed significant performance benefits for some scenarios.

Even given our outcome, we still think that 64-bit operation makes sense for the newest Rasp Pi. Running a 64-bit system will benefit administrators bothered by false messages (ARMv7 instead of ARMv8) and also software developers wanting to test an application's proficiency on a 64-bit architecture. There is downward compatibility but little storage space. At some point, the Foundation will present its own 64-bit system, perhaps beginning with the Raspberry Pi 5.

The Author

Eva-Katharina Kunst has been an open source fan since Linux appeared on the scene. Jürgen Quade is a professor at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He has written books on embedded Linux and Linux drivers.

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