Controlling your Pi with an infrared remote


I have guided you through the steps of installing an IR receiver module and configuring it to use the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. Although I only showed how to use a remote to control a media center and blink some LEDs, you are free to think of other ways to use a remote control with your Raspberry Pi: controlling a robot, controlling a pan-tilt camera mechanism and a remote camera trigger, to name just a few.

Now you can create something awesome with your own Raspberry Pi. After all, that's what Rasp Pi is for! (Just don't forget to tweet me a picture of the results (@shawaj2) and post it on the Raspberry Pi Geek Facebook page  [9]).

Der Autor

Aaron Shaw is a volunteer at The MagPi magazine (, a magazine dedicated to Raspberry Pi users. He also founded Pi Supply ( with a Kickstarter-funded add-on board for the Raspberry Pi ( Aaron is an Automotive Engineering MEng student at the University of Leeds currently spending a lot of time working on their Formula Student car. For help relating to this article, you can contact him through or via Twitter (http://@shawaj2).

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