The Switch Doc rebuilds his cat toy launcher with 3D printing

MouseAir Software

The software for MouseAir V2 is mostly ported over from the original MouseAir software. The firing and loading routines have changed, and the detection routines are now for iBeacons and a simple ultrasonic ranger. I am also planning to use image detection from the camera to detect the cat and fire a mouse.

What is Next?

The next part of the MouseAir project is to print and build carefully a second unit, so I can write up an assembly manual. The MouseAir PCB needs to be revised, because I placed one screw connector right up against the wall, which makes it devilishly difficult to wire. Because of the interest in this project, SwitchDoc Labs is considering making MouseAir V2 a product, probably in kit form. To do that, I will have to convert the 3D Printing design to a format (with some changes, no doubt) that a plastic mold injection company can deal with. In looking at molding companies, I did find one that would build a routed version of MouseAir out of a solid copper ingot for the low price of US$  5000. I'd better have the design right before I do that.

The MouseAir V2 3D print files are available for download at the SwitchDoc Labs GitHub site  [10].

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