Protect your electronics from lightning strikes


Adding the lighting detector to the solar-powered WeatherPi turned out to be quite straightforward in terms of software and wiring, but the real key to making it work was placing the sensor away from all the other electronics.

My next project, a solar-powered semi-autonomous robot called SunRover, will also use this sensor. I will mount it in a pylon that is far away from the three computers and especially away from the Raspberry Pi 2 that is the main brain of the robot.

* * * SwitchDoc Note

Not surprisingly, the AS3935 IC is very sensitive to radio frequency interference (RFI) sources. If you have your device next to a monitor, it will not work well. If you have it next to a cell phone, it will not work well. As you will see, I had to mount the detector well away from the Raspberry Pi and Solar Power Controller to get it to work well.


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