Add some security to your projects

Olga Kostenko, 123RF

On the Cards

Blank RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cards along with a USB-based RFID card reader can offer an easy and low cost solution for your Pi security projects.

Are you looking for a low cost, simple security solution? If so, consider harnessing 125 kHz RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. For less than $10 we were able to use blank RFID cards (5 for $3) [1] and a generic USB-based six-dollar RFID card reader to set up our system [2].

In this article we will look at two applications. The first project will use Python to read the card, check it in a lookup file, and, if the card is valid write to a GPIO pin. The second project will use Node-RED to toggle a smart power switch. Using some of these basic concepts you can create projects such as a security system (Figure 1), a plant watering system, or a door access system.

Cards & Readers

The RFID cards and readers need to work at the same frequency. For our project, we used low-cost 125kHz equipment.


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