Create amazing Pi apps without writing code

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Fun with Node-RED

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Create super easy Pi programs to turn on lights, speak to you, or control motors.

Node-RED [1] is a visual programming environment that lets you create applications by dragging and dropping blocks (nodes) on the screen. Logic flows are created by connecting wires between the different nodes. We were amazed at how easy it was to get started creating programs. Node-RED also comes with web dashboards, so you can view data or control your projects from your smartphone.

Getting Started

Node-RED has been preinstalled on Raspbian "jessie" since the November 2015 version. The base Node-RED installation includes support for the Raspberry Pi (Rasp Pi) GPIO, but many other useful libraries can be installed, which you can find online with installation directions [2].

We had great success with the PiFace Digital and Pimoroni Explorer HAT libraries. Unfortunately, not all the libraries install cleanly (e.g., the Wiimote and Nunchuk library).


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