Add QR codes to your Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects

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QR Codes

Create a web page to generate your own QR codes, use MIT's App Inventor to build an Android QR code reader, and finally, put QR codes on your Pi and Android sensors with links to documentation or real-time web data.

The typical UPC-A barcode is a series of contrasting strips that encode a 12-digit number, whereas a QR (quick response) code [1] is a matrix of small squares that can represent up to 4,296 characters.

For your Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects, you can use QR codes to document what the module is doing, link to web URLs, or display a message, like "if lost, please call …."

Create Your Own QR Codes

A number of different tools are available to create your own QR codes. One of the simplest methods is to use the Google Chart API [2], which you call with


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