Processing remote weather data with a Raspberry Pi


All in all, the Rasp Pi has proven to be a suitable replacement for a full desktop system, doing as much as, and in some cases outdoing, the Windows and Linux desktop PC implementations. However, the software provided by the datalogger manufacturer provides a more aesthetically appealing display. Also, the software manufacturer has been in some of the NMHS installations for some time, and there was some hesitancy to accept the new look and feel of the data display. The idea was not to copy the original software, but some work can be done in making the display more user friendly and, maybe more importantly, aesthetically appealing. It should also be pointed out that the manufacturer's software has a price tag attached to it outside of the purchase of the datalogger, so using the Rasp Pi system has some cost saving benefits.

The greatest feedback of the system was related to the download page, which lets the user download the data they want when they want it. A planned added feature here would be to graph the selected dataset and make that graph available for download along with the raw data.

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